How to choose a SEO friendly theme for wordpress


Choosing an seo friendly theme for your WordPress website is crucial for optimizing your site’s visibility on search engines. Here are some features and factors to consider when selecting a seo friendly theme for wordpress:

Mobile Responsiveness:

Ensure the theme is mobile-friendly. Google considers mobile-first indexing, so a responsive design is crucial for SEO.

Page Speed:

Opt for a theme that is optimized for fast loading times. Page speed is a ranking factor, and faster websites provide a better user experience.

Clean Code:

Choose a theme with clean and well-structured code. Messy or bloated code can slow down your site and affect SEO.

SEO-Friendly Markup:

Look for themes that use proper HTML5 semantic markup. Heading structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.) should be logical and help search engines understand the content hierarchy.

Schema Markup:

Themes that support schema markup can enhance your search results by providing more context to search engines. Rich snippets can improve click-through rates.

Customization Options:

Ensure the theme allows you to customize title tags, meta descriptions, and other essential SEO elements without the need for additional plugins.

Breadcrumb Navigation:

Breadcrumb navigation not only improves user experience but also helps search engines understand the site structure.

Image Optimization:

The theme should support image optimization, or you can use a separate plugin. Optimized images contribute to faster page loading times.

Social Media Integration:

Social signals are considered by search engines. Choose a theme that seamlessly integrates with social media platforms, making it easy for users to share your content.

Update Frequency:

Regular updates are essential for security and compatibility with the latest WordPress version. Ensure that the theme is actively maintained.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

The theme should be compatible with major browsers to ensure a consistent user experience and avoid potential SEO issues.


An accessible theme not only helps users with disabilities but also contributes positively to SEO. Look for themes with good accessibility practices.


Security is crucial for SEO. Ensure the theme has been developed with security best practices in mind.

Demo Content:

Check if the theme’s demo content is SEO-friendly. This gives you a starting point for building your site with SEO in mind.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Look for themes with positive reviews and high ratings. This can provide insights into the experiences of other users with the theme.

Remember that SEO involves more than just the theme – quality content, proper site structure, and backlink strategies are also critical for success. Regularly audit your website’s performance using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to identify and address any SEO issues.

You can choose these 10 themes for your new WordPress website. These are the best 10 themes which is using most of the user.

1. Inspiro Pro

Ready-to-Import Starter Sites:

Easily import demo data to kickstart your website development.

Multiple starter sites catering to different types of websites.

New Starter Sites added with every major update, ensuring ongoing versatility.

Customization Options:

Full control over every element, allowing you to tailor the site to match your brand.

Customize typography, colors, and other design elements effortlessly.

Color Schemes & Style Kits:

Professionally curated color schemes and style kits for instant aesthetic changes.

One-click application of color palettes, fonts, and styles to transform your website’s look.

Elementor Templates:

Integration with Elementor, the popular page builder.

Custom Elementor templates and widgets for easy drag-and-drop design.

Portfolio Module with Multiple Layouts:

Showcase your work elegantly with responsive and customizable portfolio layouts.

Grid, masonry, and gallery options available for a visually appealing presentation.

Video Integration:

Seamless embedding of videos throughout the site.

Unique video integrations, including Video Background on Hover and Slideshow with Video Background.

Fullscreen Slideshow with Video Background:

Elevate the visual experience with a fullscreen slideshow against a stunning video background.

Supports video sources from YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos for dynamic content.

Header & Footer Layouts:

Quick customization of header and footer layouts from the Customizer.

Choose or customize layouts to match your website’s design.

Lightweight Theme Built for Speed:

Designed to be lightweight for optimal website speed.

Ensures fast performance without compromising functionality or aesthetics.


Inspiro Pro is a versatile WordPress theme that stands out with its ready-to-import starter sites, allowing for quick and easy setup.

The theme’s customization options, color schemes, and style kits provide flexibility, while Elementor integration simplifies the design process.

The inclusion of a portfolio module with multiple layouts and video integration enhances the visual appeal of your content. With features like a fullscreen slideshow with video background and customizable header/footer layouts,

Inspiro Pro offers a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Additionally, its lightweight design ensures fast website performance without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

2. Astra WordPress Theme

Astra, a WordPress theme celebrated for its unrivaled speed, refined elegance, and unparalleled customizability, has solidified its position as a top choice for those who prioritize SEO-friendly themes.

Superfast Performance:

Astra boasts extraordinary speed, setting itself apart as one of the lightest themes in the WordPress landscape. Remarkably, it demands less than 50 KB of resources, a stark contrast to the average theme’s bulk.

Utilizing Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery not only accelerates performance but also addresses render-blocking issues, a pivotal consideration for both website speed enthusiasts and SEO aficionados.

SEO-Optimized Codebase:

Crafted with precision, Astra’s codebase adheres to the highest standards of Search Engine Optimization. Its inclusion of essential markup elevates its compatibility with search engines,

granting them enhanced insights into your website. This meticulous approach facilitates improved indexing and comprehension, potentially catapulting your site’s SEO ranking.

Customization Excellence:

Empowering users with a playground of possibilities, Astra offers extensive customization options through the user-friendly WordPress Customizer.

This dynamic flexibility ensures that even without a coding background, users can effortlessly optimize crucial elements like headers, footers, and layouts, aligning seamlessly with SEO standards.

Page Builder Harmony:

Astra is engineered to seamlessly integrate with major page builders, unlocking the ability to craft full-width pages with absolute design freedom.

This compatibility is a game-changer for SEO enthusiasts, enabling the creation of unique, engaging, and optimized content layouts.

The result is an immersive user experience that not only captivates visitors but also contributes to improved engagement metrics and time spent on your site.


Astra is not just a WordPress theme; it’s a meticulously designed powerhouse that excels in speed, exudes elegance, and masters the art of SEO.

Elevate your website’s performance, aesthetics, and search engine visibility with Astra’s dynamic and feature-rich framework.

3. Divi

Divi stands out as a highly versatile and widely embraced WordPress theme, setting new standards with its cutting-edge visual builder technology.

This theme goes beyond the ordinary WordPress experience, introducing a revolutionary platform for website construction that replaces the conventional post editor with an unparalleled visual editor.

This transformative feature caters to both design professionals and beginners, offering a user-friendly interface that empowers users to craft stunning designs with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality:

Divi places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and user-friendliness, revolutionizing the web design process. The advanced visual builder technology simplifies the creation of intricate designs, making it accessible to both seasoned designers and newcomers alike.

With Divi, the process of designing visually captivating websites becomes an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

SEO-Friendly Foundation:

Beyond its visual prowess, Divi is engineered with SEO in mind. The theme’s codebase is not only clean but also optimized, ensuring that websites built with Divi are inherently SEO-friendly.

This commitment to clean code translates into faster loading times, responsive design, and overall improved performance — crucial factors for a robust SEO strategy.

Integrative SEO Optimization:

Divi’s versatility extends to seamless integration with various plugins and tools, providing users with the means to further optimize their websites for search engines.

This feature makes Divi an ideal choice for developing SEO-friendly websites, offering the flexibility to incorporate additional tools that enhance search engine visibility.

Responsive Design for Every Device:

Divi’s inherent responsiveness guarantees complete control over how websites appear on a variety of devices, especially mobile platforms.

With the prevalence of mobile browsing, this responsive design ensures a consistent and engaging user experience across all screen sizes, contributing to improved user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

In essence, Divi transcends the ordinary, offering a transformative web design experience with its advanced visual builder technology.

Balancing aesthetics, ease of use, and a commitment to SEO, Divi emerges as a premier choice for those seeking to create visually stunning, user-friendly, and search engine optimized websites.

4. Generate Press

GeneratePress, a WordPress theme held in high esteem, is celebrated for its unwavering focus on speed, stability, and accessibility, making it a top-tier choice for those prioritizing SEO optimization.

This theme has been meticulously crafted to incorporate essential features that not only enhance site performance for visitors but also cater to the intricate requirements of search engines.

Lightweight Efficiency:

GeneratePress sets itself apart as a lightweight WordPress theme, meticulously designed to prioritize speed and efficiency. With a minimalistic approach, the theme ensures swift loading times, presenting a user experience that is both seamless and responsive.

The commitment to speed is further emphasized by a remarkably small page size of just 7.5kb and minimal HTTP requests, laying the groundwork for achieving exceptional PageSpeed scores.

Accessibility for All:

In embracing the principles of usability and accessibility, GeneratePress adheres to the WCAG 2.0 standards. This commitment ensures that your website is not only user-friendly but accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

By fostering inclusivity, GeneratePress contributes to a positive user experience, a crucial aspect of SEO-friendly design.

Customization Controls and Professional Design:

GeneratePress empowers users with extensive customization controls, providing a canvas for personalized expression. The theme also offers professionally designed starter sites and supports block-based theme building.

This combination allows for a seamless integration of design and functionality, enabling users to create a website that is not only tailored to their vision but is also optimized for search engine performance.

Compatibility and Flexibility:

GeneratePress seamlessly integrates with top-rated plugins and page builders, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. This compatibility extends to various SEO tools and plugins, maintaining site performance and stability even with the integration of third-party enhancements.

This adaptability underscores GeneratePress as a reliable foundation for achieving and maintaining optimal SEO results.

In summary, GeneratePress emerges as a powerhouse WordPress theme, delivering speed, stability, and accessibility in a harmonious blend. With its lightweight efficiency, commitment to accessibility standards, customization options, and compatibility with top plugins.

GeneratePress is the discerning choice for those seeking to elevate their website’s performance and optimize for SEO success.

5. Hello Theme by Elementor

Speed and Minimalism:

The Hello theme by Elementor emerges as a dynamic and SEO-friendly WordPress theme, meticulously designed to prioritize speed, minimalism, and seamless integration with Elementor’s renowned page builder.

With an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, the Hello theme offers a canvas for website creation that combines powerful functionality with a swift and visually appealing user experience.

At the core of the Hello theme is a commitment to speed and minimalism. Its lean and no-bloat code ensures swift loading times, with the site loading in just a quarter of a second and requiring a mere 6KB of resources.

This dedication to minimalistic styling contributes to an efficient and responsive website, delivering a seamless user experience.

Total Design Freedom:

The Hello theme provides users with total design freedom, boasting over 100 widgets for powerful visual editing. This expansive toolkit allows users to unleash their creativity, customizing every aspect of their website.

From header and footer customization to responsive design across various devices, the Hello theme ensures versatility in design expression.

WooCommerce Integration for E-commerce Excellence:

For e-commerce enthusiasts, the Hello theme seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering a platform to create better-converting shopping experiences.

This feature extends the theme’s utility beyond content-focused websites, making it a valuable asset for those delving into online retail.

Adaptable to Any Industry:

The Hello theme’s adaptability shines through as it accommodates various website types, including portfolios, blogs, business services, and technology sites.

Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for diverse industries, providing a flexible foundation for creating websites tailored to specific needs.

Responsive Design for a Seamless User Experience:

Ensuring a great user experience across devices, the Hello theme’s responsive design guarantees that websites look impeccable on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

This responsiveness is pivotal for maintaining accessibility and visual appeal, factors critical to search engine optimization.

In conclusion, the Hello theme by Elementor is not just a theme; it’s a powerhouse of simplicity, speed, and adaptability. With its focus on design freedom, WooCommerce integration, and responsiveness, the Hello theme stands as a versatile choice for those seeking to craft visually stunning, user-friendly, and SEO-efficient websites.

6. OceanWP

OceanWP stands as a prime choice for those in pursuit of an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, with a design and structure that meticulously aligns with the best SEO practices.

This theme sets itself apart by not only prioritizing search engine optimization but also providing a robust foundation for diverse website types, ensuring user control, accessibility, and responsiveness.

SEO-Optimized Design:

OceanWP’s design and structure adhere to the best SEO practices, ensuring that websites built with this theme are optimized for search engines from the outset.

The inclusion of basic Schema markup is a crucial feature, enhancing SEO performance by providing valuable context to search engines, aiding in better content understanding.

Versatile and Complete Functionalities:

Beyond its SEO capabilities, OceanWP is renowned for its complete and flexible functionalities. Whether you’re crafting a blog, an eCommerce site, or a business website, OceanWP offers a robust foundation with complete user control.

The theme’s bloat-free workspace ensures a clean and usable environment for efficient website management.

Extensive Customization Options:

OceanWP empowers users with extensive customization options, allowing for both global and individual page-level adjustments.

This flexibility maximizes the potential of your site, enabling you to tailor its appearance and features to meet specific requirements.

Accessibility at the Core:

Approximately 60% of a website’s accessibility is related to its code, and OceanWP excels in this regard.

Regular updates align the code with the latest WAI-ARIA guidelines, ensuring that your website is not only SEO-friendly but also accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Responsive Design for All Devices:

OceanWP’s noteworthy responsiveness ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. As mobile usage continues to rise, this feature becomes increasingly crucial for SEO.

The theme’s quality code ensures smooth interplay between options, providing a fast and efficient user experience — a critical element for favorable search engine rankings.


OceanWP transcends being merely visually appealing; it stands as a comprehensive solution for creating an SEO-optimized, accessible, and responsive website with ease.

Its compatibility with major page builders like Elementor and WooCommerce readiness further solidify its status as a top choice for those seeking an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that delivers on all fronts.

6. Superb Pixels

Superb Pixels is more than just a premium SEO WordPress theme; it’s a powerhouse of user-friendly design and relentless focus on SEO optimization.

Crafted to actively propel websites to higher rankings on Google, Superb Pixels stands out as a top choice for those seeking not only aesthetics but also performance-driven SEO results.

Lightning-Fast Performance:

Superb Pixels promises an impressive 100% speed grade and a staggering load time of just 352ms. This commitment to lightning-fast performance not only enhances user experience but also serves as a strong SEO advantage.

Search engines favor fast-loading websites, and Superb Pixels ensures your site is well-positioned to meet and exceed those expectations.

Extensive Customization Options:

Tailoring your website to match your brand’s identity is a breeze with Superb Pixels. The theme offers extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize everything from colors to fonts.

For those seeking a quicker setup, Superb Pixels provides a 1-click design import feature, streamlining the customization process without compromising creativity.

Versatile Layouts and Features:

Superb Pixels doesn’t just stop at speed and customization; it offers a range of layouts and features to elevate your website. From customizable header layouts to blog layouts and featured image modes,

Superb Pixels provides the versatility needed for a truly unique online presence. Its translation-ready capability and optimized image loading further enhance its SEO capabilities.

SEO Optimization at its Core:

Designed with an intense focus on SEO, Superb Pixels ensures that your website is not merely seen but highly ranked. Its architecture actively contributes to achieving higher rankings on Google, making it a top choice for those prioritizing search engine visibility.

Robust Customer Support and Large User Base:

Superb Pixels goes beyond features, offering robust customer support to assist you on your journey. Its large user base attests to its reliability and popularity, making it a trusted addition to the list of the best SEO-optimized themes.


Superb Pixels is a premium choice for anyone seeking a user-friendly WordPress theme that excels in SEO optimization.

With its exceptional speed, customization options, versatile layouts, and strong customer support, Superb Pixels stands as a valuable asset for those aiming to create an SEO-friendly WordPress site that not only looks superb but performs exceptionally well.

7. Newspaper (Premium)

Newspaper Premium is not just a theme; it’s a distinct approach tailored for bloggers who seek a premium and highly customizable platform. This theme stands out in the market due to its widespread popularity, driven by a multitude of customizable features that cater to bloggers with diverse preferences.

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a tech enthusiast, or a food critic, Newspaper Premium provides the flexibility to shape your blog according to your unique vision.

Versatility in Customization:

Newspaper Premium’s strength lies in its versatility. It excels as a theme because of its adaptability to various blog types. The customization options are not limited, allowing you to tailor your blog precisely to your liking.

With added support for Instagram and other social media platforms, it keeps your blog integrated with the latest trends and engagement opportunities.

Monetization Support:

Recognizing the importance of monetization, Newspaper Premium integrates seamlessly with Google Ads and AdSense. This feature is pivotal for bloggers looking to generate revenue from their content.

he ease of incorporating these monetization options enhances the overall value proposition of Newspaper Premium for content creators and business-oriented bloggers.

EcoCoded (Free)

EcoCoded, a free WordPress theme released in December 2020, takes a unique approach by addressing a seldom-mentioned concern: climate change.

Recognizing that the internet contributes approximately 1% of global emissions, EcoCoded adopts a lightweight, fast, and environmentally conscious design.

Climate-Friendly Design:

EcoCoded employs a minimalist approach, using few colors to minimize device power usage, loading only one font, and reducing and compressing the code. The absence of built-in animations or frameworks further contributes to its lightweight design.

This eco-friendly coding approach not only reduces the carbon footprint of your website but also results in an extremely SEO-optimized theme.

Free Download with Environmental Impact:

EcoCoded is available for free download through the SuperbThemes website or

By choosing EcoCoded, users not only benefit from a fast and SEO-optimized theme but also contribute to a more sustainable online presence.